Tarot Card Readings

What is Tarot?

Tarot has been around for hundreds of years, originally thought to purely for entertainment in the 1400’s.  It is also said that Tarot was used in ancient Egypt, which is what captured my fascination and interest to start.  

The Tarot, in my opinion, tells of a story, a story of life with its practical, emotional, mental and passionate energies we all require as human beings, this is shown and depicted by the chemical elements within its suit.  If you can imagine a pack of playing cards, they have suits and court cards, these represent various energy depicted as clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts and court cards such as Queen & King which provide the card purpose and meaning.   

The tarot is similar in the fact that it is represented by the suits, this time represented as elements of life – air, fire, water & earth.  Each holding information and energy.  Water represents our emotions, air is thoughts, earth is our practical and material gains and fire is our passion and drive.  There are 22 cards called the Major Arcana, these hold information of major changes that can happen in our life.  The Minor arcana are the suits & court cards which give information of day-to-day life occurrences.  When sitting with these energies in a reading it can provide a bigger picture and a unique story to your life. 

How the Tarot can benefit you:

  • It can release energy blocks.
  • Provides a “bigger picture” understanding.
  • It can show you what lessons were meant to be learnt.
  • Potential outcome or clarity on situations.

The Tarot card readings are one to one, I give you, the client an opportunity to ask the cards specific questions for further guidance.  

Please contact for further information, there will be a consent form & Terms & Conditions that are required before any reading can take place.  Contact details below in the contact box provided.



40 minute Tarot Card Reading £25.00 – ( This is for a general or specific reading to look into areas of your life).

1 hour Reiki & Tarot package £35.00 – (This combines two modalities for a powerful release of any blockages revealed). 

Book a Tarot Card Reading

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