Empowering you to align with your Chakras (energy Centres) & Nourishment for the mind & body.

Would you like help & Support on your Spiritual path?

I have created an in-depth workshop that helps you with spiritual development & growth. This course can empower self healing and balance within your life.
Details on Spiritual Growth Mentoring course.

I always feel when we are drawn to spirituality, we have a unique gift that is meant to be shared with the world, even if that world is just your friends & family or your personal healing.   My spiritual path is devoted to energy, science and the universal connection to our senses. It is also to raise the divine feminine and heal the divine masculine energies within us.  These are the dual energies we all have whether man or women, these energies help us connect with the “whole-self”.   I wonder what your path is meant to be?
For this course you do not need any spiritual experience, only to be curious at this stage. However, if you you are well on your way with spirituality this course may provide you with a new direction. 
The Spiritual Growth course will help me share my passion for ancient Egypt, the universal sky, planets, moon and stars, and connect with the ancient energy that has been used for self-healing, wellbeing and balance in life. We all have the ability to heal, create abundance and happiness in our life and the world, yet we have been suppressed from such gifts for thousands of years. Its time to re-align with your natural gifts. 
I can share with you how to reclaim your unique gifts.  But this is always a personal choice, you are your own creator & alchemist. I am getting goose bumps exactly as I type this, meaning I have found my spark in life, my power and my legacy.  I hope you can too. 
This course will explore the 3 elements of who we are as a human:  energetically, physically & mentally.  This allows the connection & understanding between them and how they all connect within our lives.  We will explore the basics of science.  Learning how everything is connected to create our whole self. We will explore the energy within the universe, the connection to the body and how it all plays a bigger role in regard to our wellbeing. 
I have acquired many skills & knowledge along the way, being a busy Mum, Nanna, wife, student, carer, employee, healer, Intuitive tarot card reader & my biggest achievement academically was a BSc in Science & Nutrition. All of which I can share with you. 

Here are some testimonials from previous clients who completed the course this year:


“Sue is an excellent teacher/mentor in that the course is not forced upon you, she gives you all the information and theory behind Reiki, meditation, spiritualism and lets you make your own mind up, and helps you come to your own conclusions”

” I learned the science behind the theory of Reiki / Energy healing, which is sometimes difficult to put into words exactly what it is.  The card readings and meditation sessions at the end of every session were a real bonus”. 

The course will be delivered in 3 separate sessions of 2 hours, with a maximum of 3 participants at every session with a total of 6 hours,  guided by myself.  Every session will incorporate a personal  intuitive healing connection this will be explored using Energy, meditation & oracle / Tarot cards.  The first 2 hour session will be delivered  Tuesday 3rd Aug  2021 @ 7:15pm, then Monday 9th August (2nd Session) the final session will be on Monday 16th August @7:15pm. This course is delivered face to face, however I also delivered this via Zoom at the beginning due to restrictions, which prove to be just as successful,  this is for those who can not attend, for what ever reason, face to face.  The cost will be £66:00 with a £10 none-refundable deposit required upon booking. Bank transfer details available on request. 

I will be hosting future days and dates for this course to meet the demands.   

**If you are interested please contact me for further details – info@equilinlife.co.uk or text / call 07739146469. ** or send a contact via this email page.  Details below. Sue x

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