How many times have you heard “We are what we eat”? – Yes too many times. But it is true.

The food we chose to eat should contain a complexity of nutrients, vitamins and proteins, to name but a few, which are essential for the human body to repair and grow.

This all happens at a cellular level – through many various complex metabolic processes.

Therefore getting the balance right with the correct food choices is vital for our good health.

The effects of eating the wrong foods can cause a cascade of issues.  The human body relies on essential nutrients to function properly and with the vast amount of conflicting nutritional information and guidance out there; you can see why it is so easy to get this wrong.

If food and nutrition is not understood this can result in the body being deprived of essential properties. This could lead to ill health, disease and emotional illness. Food is science! If we understood the basic food chemistry of how the human body processes nutrients for many metabolic functions, we may sustain a healthier life style with positive results. The human metabolism is very complex and  depending on a variety of influences, such as, your activity level and stress it can become un-balanced.  My goal is to create an understanding of food and nutrition so that you can get the balance right –  which ultimately creates a healthier lifestyle.

How do I do this? I analyse the consumption of foods and beverages over a 5 day period. A template will be provided for completion –  I then analyse this data, using scientific research and a nutritional database. I then provide a detailed report of any recommendations needed to sustain a balanced nutritional lifestyle. My report be individual to client nutritional needs.



30 minutes Reiki £15.00  (first session includes a free 10 minute consultation)

60 minutes Reiki £27.00 – (including aura balancing)

Nutrition analysis £30.00 – (This includes analysis of a 5 day diet diary and a 30 minute consultation for your feedback report).

Reiki sessions can last 30 minutes to 1 hour – this is dependant on client needs.

Opening Hours

My passion for health and wellbeing is evident in my practice.  I work from home in a very relaxing and tranquil environment.

Tuesday – Friday 10:00 – 16.00

Saturday and Sunday 11.00 – 15.00

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If you would like to know more about the services that I offer or you would like to schedule an appointment please get in touch.

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