Sue – Owner & Director of Equilibrium in Life.  My story…

I am a wife, parent of three gorgeous girls and a Nannie of 5 adorable grandchildren. My experience of life and the roles I play have, like many been challenging and also rewarding.  The duality of life certainly provides many tests and tribulations along the way, and at times are challenging. These challenges can affect our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.  Stress can creep up without any warning, presenting symptoms of fatigue, low mood, burn out and physical aches and pains. All of which I have experienced yet did not recognise as imbalances.  This was until a time in my life when I was struggling, mentally, physically & emotionally with the usual  “just get on with it” attitude that society encourages and programmes you too believe. . This brought me to a realisation of a need to change my lifestyle and behaviours that I had adopted, thus  triggering a curiosity to bring balance to my body and mind.

My background is of 16 year’s within the NHS. Within that time I have explored various roles both clinical and clerical. From this I have witnessed attitudes and understanding to health and wellbeing as a whole was limited. Poor education, contradicting wellbeing advice and a general lack of responsibility towards the basic connection to health, mind & body was evident.  This frustrated me enough to take the leap into creating my own wellbeing practice.  

I studied Reiki level 1, 2 and Master level and completed a BSc Health, food & science degree, various spiritual growth courses and more recently I am a certified Tarot card Reader.  My spirituality has, without a doubt, helped me through the stresses that life throughs at you and also revealing my authentic self, which is an ongoing process and surprise at every step.  I have educated myself by higher learning which also gave me the tools to self study, as I do feel this is where the greatest growth comes from, self!  

I hope you enjoy reading my website and connecting with my many social platforms for updates, guidance, support and of course healing.  



I am accredited to the Reiki Council UK standards in Reiki and CNHC registered for Reiki. , using the I have been trained in Usui lineage. I take my practice very seriously, working alongside GDPR and I am also registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), this provides public confidence of my compliance to your data security. 

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