My Story: Jemma

Jemma is our BACP registered counsellor. Jemma has experience of working therapeutically with individuals within the public sector and private practice. Jemma works on a long or short-term basis, helping clients explore and work through life experiences, which may appear in the form of anxiety or expression for example.

Jemma has worked in a supportive role since 2012, over the years Jemma has worked with children and families who have needed somebody to speak to, somebody to hear their voice. Having a warm, genuine nature has allowed Jemma to provide support, helping people through their life issues, this empowered Jemma to become a student in her busy life and qualify as a counsellor.

Jemma works with a wide range of issues including; anxiety, depression, sexual and domestic violence, low self-esteem and confidence, bereavement, stress and low mood.

“Being a good enough parent and wife as well as working and socialising for me can sometimes be challenging. I know from my own experience, pressures of life can often creep up without even realising.

After having my second child, I noticed my mood and thoughts had changed, day to day tasks felt like a huge chore and my mind would feel foggy. This was when I decided to swallow my pride, face my fears and talk to somebody about how I was feeling. This somebody being a therapist, a counsellor, a stranger, a person who didn’t know me, somebody that wasn’t going to judge me, somebody that wanted to hear my story and wanted to help me explore my issues.

Having the opportunity to identify and explore my thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment encouraged me to open up and be truthful about how I was functioning on a day to day basis. Being able to identify what my stresses were, meant that I could work through them and develop my own personal way of managing”

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